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From when even before time itself was born, the light was always thought to shine above all things winding through the insidious and cold darkness. Well, they were indeed wrong.

This site is owned and operated by HexickHexick.

Welcome To The Hex Sandbox

So, what exactly is this place?

This is a sandbox site primarily designed to be used for writing on the SCP Wiki and its respective sister sites.

How many pages can be made?

As many as you want. You can make however many pages you wish as long as you aren't spamming blank pages.

What are the rules for this site?

The exact rules as used on the SCP Wiki which can be found here.

Is this site really magical?


Oh an remember, please don't post on forum threads that are obviously defunct. I don't have a lot of space on this site and I don't need random comments cluttering everything up. Thank you.

With all that said, get writing and enjoy.

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